Testimonials  Implant Magic

For 30 years, I didn't smile. I didn't have the teeth to. But now, I feel like I'm different - I can be like everyone else! Everyone at Chrysalis is just very caring, very patient. I dreamed about doing this for years, and I thought it was impossible. But it WAS possible, and it was done in just a day! Allen
Life before implants...was just not a good life. But after implants, I could eat, and taste, and not worry about things getting into my dentures. I could smile, and laugh, and not worry about my dentures falling out! There was no pain - it was amazing. And it was worth every single penny for me. Anoma
It's caused me to enjoy my smile again...It's caused me to recapture my outwardness, my exuberant personality and it's given me the confidence to just be me again. The staff...treat you like family...[I was treated] like a daughter, not a patient...Don't think twice about [implants] - just DO it...For me, it has been an amazing journey and an amazing experience. Rachel
As far as Dr. Kwon goes, I’m very impressed for this outstanding guy. He’s always smiling and hand shaking and say hello to you. I cannot say enough good thanks about them. […] The care you get here is hands above anywhere else. I’m so happy that I got it done here.John
After the procedure was done, I felt my life was completely changed. It turned 360'. I feel like I am a new person. Now I can see myself with confidence. Asunta

My experience at Chrysalis Implant Centre and staff have been absolutly wonderful. Everybody here has been so great to me that I can't even explain or say a word to descripe it. I totally trust in all of staff and their judgement. Tina

One of the biggest concerns I had was pain I have a very low pain threshold, but honestly, during the procedure, I felt nothing. I came in, I fell asleep, I got up and I left. Painless!


In two days, all discomfort was absolutely gone, and the result was amazing! Love Dr. Kwon. He is a great implant dentist.


If you think your case is hopeless, please don't think that because it isn't. I thought that too, but now I look 20 years younger than I was and I feel comfortable in my body. Yes, it's implant magic! Many thanks to Dr. Kwon and friendly staff.


His staffs are incredible. They provided a lot of support during my visit. It is a pleasure to come here and say thank you. I am so happy to see my smile again.


My first visit to Chrysalis was very warming and the staff were very kind and nice. I didn't feel nervous at all. Most importantly, I had no pain after the procedure. Amazing!


 Letters from Patients

After my new family dentist concerned over my physical and emotional trauma caused by earlier failed treatments, he referred me to Dr. Kwon who he thought had expertise to help me at the Chrysalis Dental Centre.
Although I was not an easy patient due to a very emotional and stressed state, Dr. Kwon was completely supportive and positive in what must have been a difficult professional experience for him.
Once I gave Dr. Kwon my complete trust and put all my faith, all following procedures were very successful. Now I have a lovely smile and regained my life back. I highly recommend Dr. Kwon as an implant surgeon and who is also a deeply compassionate human being. My deepest thanks~


Chryalis Vancouver Implant Centre To Dr. Kwon & Team
My heartfelt thanks to all of you for the superb help I've received during my implant procedure. Living without dentures has given me my life back again. Many Thanks to all of you~~


Chryalis Vancouver Implant Centre Your dedication, perseverance and mission in life are fine examples for all of us! You have chosen to be different because you strive to be what no one else, but you can be. I wish to express my sincere gratitude for having discovered you and I just want to pass along my best wishes. I can't thank you enough for the difference you have made to my smile and well being.


I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Kwon and his staff for offering an implants as an alternative to dentures and partial bridges. For years, I suffered from pain due to bad teeth. When I heard about the permanent teeth-in-a-day procedure, I knew it was the perfect solution for me. In fact, it was far less painful than other procedures I had in the past. Imagine no pain and being able to chew anything you want. It's worth every penny.



I had top and bottom All- on-4 done on June 7, 2010. It was a miracle. Now I have a mouthful of beautiful white, straight teeth. All I can say is the after pain was minimal. Myself, I did not have to take one pain pill.



I've known Dr. Kwon since he did general dentistry a long time ago. I really enjoyed seeing him whenever I visited his office. The staff at Chrysalis are real gem. They're very kind, warm and caring. From the first visit to finish, it was a fantastic experience. Dr. Kwon is like a magician and is extremely humble. He is always a delight to talk to.  



Ultimately, the rewards for me went far beyond restoring appearance and function. The changes were more profound than ever expected. Three months after my surgery, the improvements in the quality of my life continue week after week. My physical and mental health, my social life, the enjoyment in my life, and my self-confidence have all improved. Frankly, Dr. Kwon has improved not only the quality of my life, but has probably extended my life expectancy as well.